1. Portable Type CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine (GI - 01)



Portable and lightweight. This cutter adopts single drive and lineal guide. It is small bodily movement type, can be put upon the metal plate to be cut, needn’t fixed plant, operate easily.



It can cut mild steel (flame cutting) and high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal (plasma cutting), etc, be widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive etc.


Tech Data:

Cross Beam Length(X axis)


Longitudinal Rail Length(Y axis)


Effective Cutting Width (X axis)


Effective Cutting Length (Y axis)


Cutting Mode


Drive Mode


Drive Method


Flame Cutting Thickness


Plasma Cutting Thickness


Cutting Speed


Moving Precision


Nesting Software(option)


Power Source (option)


Cutting Gas


Plasma Gas


Torch Height Controller




1.8m(Rail can be lengthened according to user's demand)






Flame only; Plasma only; Flame and Plasma




Rack and pinion drive for X and Y axes




1-60mm (according to the specification of plasma power source)


0-3500mm per minute


0.01mm per step




220V 50Hz   500-1000W


Acetylene, Propane


Pressed air, Oxygen, N2


Electric torch height controller for flame or plasma cutting.


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